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This morning I gave a talk at PTC  as part of what they call their “Marketing Innovators” series (I’m in good company, as the founder of North Face – Hap Klopp – was the previous presenter).

PTC is a fascinating company that – from my admittedly limited vantage point – seems to deeply understand the perils and opportunities expressed in these slides, but, hopefully, I gave them some ideas/context.

In any case, these slides are a distillation of the models my consulting firm uses.

The title of the deck grew out of an ancient blog post I wrote back in 2011 in this space.

This idea – in addition to framing up our consultative approach – has also become the name of a course I teach at Brown, and – heaven help me – will be the title of my next book.

gh at PTC

[Photo Credit: PTC’s Twitter]

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About two years ago, I wrote a post entitled “The Stream That Snuck up on You” about the ways in which streaming was inexorably becoming a larger part of how we access music.

I think that we can all agree that — with the rise of Spotify (which, at the time of that post hadn’t launched in the US), the growth of Pandora (IPO, or otherwise, I’m not sure it’s sustainable), and, the launch of Apple’s iTunes Match — streaming is now a much larger part of our life than it was in the past, and that we ain’t going back.

As is so often the case, music was the proverbial canary in the coal mine; this time, with respect to streaming. Music, because of its relatively small file sizes, and youthful (and thus more computer savvy) demographic tends to lead the way in tech disruption.

Other industries/mediums follow.

What this means is that your days of storing things on your computer — files, movies, photos, etc. — are largely coming to an end.

Don’t believe me? Think about the number of external harddrives you bought between the years 2005 and 2010. Now think about the number of external harddrives you’re buying these days. It’s not just because of a Moore’s-law-related storage capacity increase. It’s because you’re gradually, but inexorably (yes, I like that word) moving to the cloud.