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I mentioned Saul Bass in a post I wrote over the weekend on design. (And I’ve referenced him before.)

I was, therefore, delighted to learn of this Saul Bass-inspired title sequence for Lost (I learned of it from the always fantastic Pop Candy):

The music, by the way, is Buddy Rich’s “Machine.”

As a point of comparison, here’s Bass’ credits for Anatomy of a Murder (music by Duke Ellington):

Part of being iconic means never looking dated.

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anatomy of a murder poster

Everything, everything about Duke Ellington’s Soundtrack to the Otto Preminger film Anatomy of a Murder is perfect.

The movie was one of the first to feature an all-jazz soundtrack, and what a soundtrack it is. While Billy Strayhorn composed the music, it’s Ellington’s touch that provides the noir-ish nuance.

It’s a record I come back to at least once a month. A true masterpiece.

anatomy of a murder flirtbird
“Flirtbird” from Anatomy of a Murder

The movie is darn good, too. As is the poster art (which hangs in my office), designed by the incomparable Saul Bass, who also did the poster/credits for films like North by Northwest, West Side Story, Vertigo (also in my office), and many others.

Amazing when it all comes together. Sort of explains why certain things stand the test of time.

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