Speeches, Interviews, Lectures & Commentary:

I’m really fortunate to have had the opportunity to be asked to speak at events and talk to a lot of brilliant people. Here is a sampling:

Certainly a highlight of my life was being one of the speakers (along with the great Rita Moreno and Lucian Grainge) at Berklee’s 2016 Commencement:

This is from an event I produced on Ethics in the Music Industry:

A talk on Purpose Driven Marketing at MIDEM in 2013:

Here I interview my mentor, Chris Blackwell:

I’ve made numerous appearances providing commentary on NECN:

•Discussing Queen’s opposition to Donald Trump using their music:

•Discussing how musicians can protect the rights to their music vis-a-vis the “Stairway to Heaven,” decision:

•Discussing if the MVA’s and music videos still relevant:

Here I interview the founding President of SoundExchange, John Simson:

Here are a number of my lectures and talks from the great Artists House site.

Here’s a number of my lectures and interviews (and some of my then-three-year old son’s Weather Reports)

Speaking Engagements:

If you’re interested at having me speak at your company or event, please contact me here: