Getting Signed:
An Insider’s Guide to the Record Industry
This is sort of my travel-log that chronicles my years of running a record company.

The title is a bit of a misnomer. I believe that artists tend to get signed (or at least make the best deals) once they reach a point when they no longer need a label. So, the point of the book is to inform artists of the steps it takes to build a self-sustaining career; at which point they will have labels beating down their door.

Music Industry Survival Manual
Jeff Price and I wrote this small (free from iTunes) book to help artists create sustainable careers on their own terms.

Music Publishing 101
Music Publishing is, I believe, intentionally inscrutable. This short book attempts to demystify this topic, which I believe is – now more than ever – essential to the success of any music venture.

I’m very honored to have gotten some great endorsements for my books. Here are a few of them:

“The next time an aspiring recording artist comes to us for advice, we’ll advise them to read this book first. George Howard really knows what he’s talking about.”
– Chris Franz and Tina Weymouth, members of Talking Heads and Tom Tom Club

“George is a gifted, passionate individual who understands the music and artist wholly.”
– Chris Blackwell, Founder, Island records

“This book is a great resource for young artists trying to shape the business side of their career. It’s comprehensive in scope and full of practical advice. I found the case studies used to illustrate different paths to success to be particularly compelling.”
– John Paluska, Phish manager

“Practical advice from an insider who has seen every aspect of the industry from supplicant to president. This book will help to demystify the often confusing music business, offering realistic strategies for success in an easy to understand style.”
– Paul Q. Kolderie, Producer/Engineer (Joe Jackson, Radiohead, Morphine, Hole, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Uncle Tupelo, etc.)

“Even if you’re not specifically looking to be signed to a label, the book is a great resource for any artist looking to further his career. The advice on building relationships and understanding contracts is invaluable.”
– Performing Songwriter magazine

“Everything you really need to know to get it on in the music biz is here.”
– Tucson Citizen


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