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I’ve been struggling with finding a browser that I really like for a long time. Over the years, I’ve tried them all. Really. I recently made the switch from Chrome to Safari, because Chrome was so much of a RAM suck that if I had a number of tabs open, I’d find my computer (recent MacBook Pro Powerbook…fully loaded) dragging. Safari somewhat alleviated this problem, but I found it crashing too frequently (the culprit: single-tab crashes mostly on Google products).

So…after doing some research, I installed Opera. It’s pretty lightweight in terms of CPU and memory suckage, and it plays nicely with Google apps. It also has the Pinned Tabs feature that I really like on Safari (it does not seem to remember these Pins after a restart…which is stupid).

The only thing I miss about Safari is the “Add To Reading List” feature, because that syncs so nicely with my phone and iPad. I’ll just revert back to Instapaper, which I’ve loved forever.

To fully get things playing nicely with Opera does take a little work.

For instance, I like the Momentum Home Page Chrome Extension, and wanted to use it.

Conversely, I hate with a fiery passion the WebEx extension, but have to use it.

Neither of the above work out of the gate with Opera, because neither developer has taken the time to create a dedicated Opera extension.

Here’s how you can get these Chrome Extensions — and others — working:

1. Install the Opera Extension that allows you to Add Chrome Extensions: HERE.

2. Go to the Chrome Extension Store and install pretty much whatever you want: HERE

(You’ll notice that the icon for install will read “Add To Opera.”)

3. Go to the Opera Extension panel in the Opera browser and enable/configure.

The following three steps will not get Momentum working in Opera. For that, do the following:

1. Install the Custom New Tab Page extension

2. In the area where¬†you’re asked to enter a URL…


…enter the following (without the quotes):


This should do it. You will now go to your Momentum page every time you open a new tab in Opera.

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I love the Spaces feature on my Mac. It allows me to have one desktop that’s focused on web use (Chrome), another for my communication/productivity (Slack, 1Password, Wunderlist), and a third for music (Sonos/iTunes).

And, the above is how I like them ordered. However, I increasingly found Desktop Three (music) positioning itself in the second Space (where my communication/productivity Desktop is supposed to stay).

I figured that I was somehow inadvertently changing their positions when switching between desktops; even thought this made no sense to me.

In reality, what was happening was that these Spaces were being arranged based on usage. It makes sense; I do use my Music Desktop more frequently due to switching tracks, etc., but it’s not as important to me as my Productivity Desktop, and so I didn’t want this auto organization.

To turn it off: System Preferences>Mission Control>Uncheck “Automatically rearrange Spaces based on most recent use.”

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 1.43.48 PM

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