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One of my very fine students has recently started a new blog, called johnny schroepfer dot com .

From the looks of it it’s going to be fantastic.

Aside from the category list, which is right up in my wheelhouse: creativity, entrepreneurship, social media, the fact that the design is great, add in the emphasis on social media in the right side bar, and it all adds up to make this look like one for the RSS for sure.

Very cool.

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One of my very fine students, Matt Bodie, has started a blog that looks like a keeper.

It’s called All the Billies: The Honky Tonk Happy Hour, and from the initial batch of posts, it’s definitely one for the RSS.

Right on, Matt! Way to find a unique niche that you’re passionate about. Hard to do, but when you find this it comes across as so honest and great, and makes for very fine reading.


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