How We’re Different

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Well…it really should say, “How I’m different,” as 9GS is my personal blog (and until I become royalty, I can’t use the “royal ‘we'” – or so I’m told), but “How I’m different” just struck me as a bit odd to have sitting at the top of the site.

In any case, I’m different because I genuinely believe that creative-types make the best business people; that technology doesn’t have to be cold or isolating; that art requires theory and theory requires art; that sometimes the best dessert is a clam.

I’m different because I will never believe that there is a difference between artists and entrepreneurs.

I’ve devoted my life to helping artists embrace their entrepreneurial spirit and entrepreneurs embrace their artistry.

9GiantSteps discusses ways in which creative people can more productively and efficiently create and build passionate constituencies.

My name is George Howard. I’m a musician, producer, educator, and writer. I have a Masters degree in literature, a JD (i.e. law degree), and an MBA.

I am the COO of Norton, LCC – the parent company of: Wolfgang’s Vault, Daytrotter, Concert Vault, and Paste Magazine.

I am an Associate professor in the Management division at Berklee.

I ran a firm called RockandRoller Advising.

I started Slow River Records, and ran Rykodisc.

I’ve written two books on the music business, and was the executive editor for Artists House Music.

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