Summer Tomato “Carpaccio” with White Anchovies

It’s hot now. That good kind of August hot. As I once lived in New Orleans, I do know heat, and the North Shore of Boston is not heat. Here it just sort of teases you a little bit…catching a glimpse of cardinal out of the corner of your eye before it disappears behind a tree. NOLA heat is not subtle….a black iron skillet dropped on a shoeless toe.

Nevertheless, who wants to turn on an oven or stovetop in August? And why would you?

Close your eyes and reach into the box of tomatoes at any farmer’s market right now and you’ll be right and rewarded.

Doubly so if you’re as lucky as I was today and see a container of white anchovies in the little refrigerator at Vidalias.

Recipe: Summer Tomato “Carpaccio” with White Anchovies 

Make the brilliant “vinaigrette” as described in Genius Recipes by peeling and smashing a few cloves of garlic and putting them in a small bowl with 2T of red wine vinegar and a 2t of kosher salt.

Let it sit while you do the rest:

Slice a tomato very thinly with a serrated bread knife

Fan out the tomato slices on a plate

Cut a very fresh onion into a few super-thin slices, and — ala Thomas Keller — rinse the onion to “make it a little less harsh,” and then chop it up

Make yourself a Campari and soda

Lay a white anchovy on top of every other tomato (or, if you’re me, on every tomato)

Sprinkle the onions over the tomatoes/anchovies

Now, pour the garlic-infused vinegar over the tomato/anchovy; careful to hold back the garlic with your finger

Pour a little good evoo on top

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