Corn butter and Uni Sauce over Semolina Pasta…Also Meursault

Well, well, well…I’ve been wanting to make this meal for ~20 years.

It took – to my taste buds – the best chef in the Boston area, Craig White of Half Baked Cafe, to score me the uni necessary to do so.

The rest was just about not fucking it up.

I made the great David Lebovitz’s semolina pasta.

I made the great Kristen Miglore’s corn “butter”  (Seriously… Make this!: Cut the corn kernels off ~8 ears of corn; juice them; cook the corn juice over med heat until it thickens (~5 min); cool. That’s it. Totally amazing!)

I cooked some shallot and garlic in some evoo, added a couple ears’ worth of corn kernels, some Meursualt, and some corn stock (boil the corn cobs with some onion, garlic and pepper corns for a little while), and cooked it all down.

I blitzed the the uni in my mini food processor with just a few drops of lemon, a little salt, and a little bit of the corn butter.

Homemade pasta takes like three minutes to cook in heavily salted water. Some wise person taught me to not dump the cooked pasta into a colander to drain, but, rather, to use tongs to transfer it from the boiling water to the pan with the sauce. Doing it this way gets some of the salty/starchy cooking water into the sauce. This is what I did. Then I stirred it all up with some more evoo.

I served the pasta with bowls of corn butter and the uni sauce on the side; everyone loved the corn butter, but only I availed myself of the uni sauce (…their loss, my gain…acquired taste, or so I’m told).

Also: local lettuce, shallot vinaigrette, little slice of Humboldt Fog, and, of course, the Meursault.





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