April 2015

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I bought my Echo hoping that an SDK would be utilized in this manner.

My Echo doesn’t arrive until June, but I’m really looking forward to it. It strikes me as one of Amazon’s potentially more innovative products.

Source: Developer makes Amazon’s Echo control Wink and Nest devices


I ran into the provost of Berklee College of Music today. He asked me how the semester was going. Given the relentless snowstorms that Boston endured at the beginning of the semester, I think he may have been bracing himself for my response. However, he needn’t have worried (if he was). I truthfully told him, “it was going great, that teaching is my bliss, and that it’s what I get to do.”

I genuinely do feel lucky that I am able to teach. I feel like I get to do it.

As I walked to class, I thought about the distinction between things I have to do versus what I get to do.

I realized that there really are very few things in my life that feel like chores/jobs; that are things I have to do.

    I get to teach
    I get to consult for creative, innovative companies, and collaborate with an array of interesting people
    I get to write
    I get to be a Father
    I get to be a Husband

Not everyone has the opportunity to do these things. I’m lucky.

Sometimes, some/all of the above feel like they’re things I have to do. However, when they feel this way, it is through my own failing of perspective.

The test, I suppose, is whether you’d be sad if you could no longer do something. If you would not be, it’s something you have to do. If you would be sad, it’s something you get to do.

I’d be sad if I could no longer do any of the above.

These are all things that I get to do.

I’m lucky.


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