Too many Audible credits? Put it on hold and catch up

I really like Audible – the downloadable audiobook store owned by Amazon.

We’ve been Gold members for many years, paying $15 (promotional rate) per month, which entitles us to one audiobook per month.

As it turns out, we don’t download one audio book per month. Audiobooks tend to be more occasional for us; we don’t think about them until we want one right now – like when we’re about to take a car trip.

This type of use case really works better with an ala carte system rather than a membership approach, but buying audiobooks ala carte is expensive (typically, a multiple of the $15 monthly fee).

So…we rationalized continuing to pay the membership fee (Well played, Audible. Well played).

This worked OK until we hit our limit of 6 credits. That is, Audible won’t let you carry more than 6 credits. So, you’re not gaining anything by keeping your membership after 6 months if you don’t use the credits. (Again, well played).

Overtly, you have two choices at this point: 1. Keep paying (and use some credits), 2. Cancel.

I didn’t really want to do either.

Happily, there’s a third option; though Audible doesn’t make it easy for you (see above re how well Audible plays).

How to put your Audible Account on hold

Rather than cancel (or keep paying), you can put your account on hold.

1. Go to your membership page

2. Go to account details

3. Hit cancel

4. They’ll try to get you to stay: If you give the reason for canceling that you can’t use the credits fast enough, Audible will give you a $20 credit

5. Hit cancel again

6. At this point you’ll be given the option to put your account on hold for 30, 60, or 90 days

Important: even if you do cancel (not put on hold), you won’t lose your audiobooks


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  1. Katie’s avatar

    If you do put your account on hold this way and have a couple tokens left, does the $20 coupon replace your tokens? Or is that in addition?


  2. Ben Bland’s avatar

    Aha, nice. I just tried it and it worked for me.

    Perfect, as I have no money at the moment and an excess of credits and unread books. Thank you!


  3. Ola’s avatar

    Thank you! I’ve done it before but couldn’t remember how to do it again (and the time has come when I amassed lots of credits and not paying for 3 months sounded like a good idea!)


  4. Jennifer’s avatar

    Thank you!!! This just worked for me.
    Do you have any idea if you can put it on hold again at the end of the 90 days?

    One item to note for others:
    My renewal date previously was on the 22nd of the month. I implemented the hold on the 8th of the month for 90 days. Their message said they would remove the hold on the 8th of the month in 3 months and charge me then. In effect, the hold changed my monthly renewal date. No big deal; just something to be aware of.

    I was surprised that their website explicitly said you would lose existing credits if you cancel (can they really do that!?).


  5. John’s avatar

    Just tried it, worked, thank you!!!


  6. Brian’s avatar

    @Jennifer –
    I saw
    “I was surprised that their website explicitly said you would lose existing credits if you cancel (can they really do that!?).”

    And it scared me. So I went to the Contact Us link at the top.
    1. Help with = My Account
    2. Tell Us More = I cannot keep up with my credits
    Then a “did you know” block shows and if you select Chat. One of the reps will put the account on hold for you (no $20 credit though).


  7. Zack’s avatar

    It says that you will lose any credits you currently have if you cancel. I’m not brave enough to hit the button. Will you get to keep your credits if you do everything listed above?


    1. George Howard’s avatar

      been a while since i did it, but, yes, i *believe* you will retain your credits.


    2. S.Batiste’s avatar

      THANK YOU SO MUCH. I enjoy the service, but I was accumulating more credits than I could use. Now I need to save that $15 a month till I get past a little transitional period. I was afraid to leave my credits, so I used them before I hit the cancel button. I was able to put it on hold for 90 days. I believe that you can only put it on hold once every 12 months. Thanks again.


    3. Andrew’s avatar

      The credit card I have with audible has just expired – if I just leave this as the default credit card (and don’t updating the details so they can’t take any more of my money!) would this work effectively like an indefinite membership hold?


      1. Zak’s avatar

        A bit late to the discussion…

        Andrew, suspension of your account due to an expired card is not automatic. I have an annual gold membership with an expired VISA (2012). It is the only card on file and has continually been used by Audible. My Amazon and Audible accounts are not linked. I cannot delete the expired card without adding a new one. Each of the past three years the card has been charged for an annual membership.

        After using some of my annual credits I will definitely have to look into the account hold path.

        01/17/2016 – 3:21 PM EST


      2. Eric’s avatar

        BLUF: All-in-all, for my 14 months of inactivity I have 10 credits, a ~$60 refund on my credit card, and a $20 coupon towards an audible purchase – and it all took about 5 minutes.

        Background: I’m a power spender at Amazon and have accumulated 5-figures in total purchases throughout years of Amazon Prime membership.

        I recently saw the history of charges on my Gold Monthly account and given that I hadn’t used the service in over a year (14 months, and therefore lost 8 credits due to expiration) I decided to work towards a refund. I chatted with the CS rep on the computer who, after looking at my account, said she could refund 4 months worth of service but had to go to her supervisor for more.

        I thought that was fair enough since she was honest and pursued that route. She also gave me 4 extra credits for a total of 10, so in essence all 14 months of non-active service were accounted for.

        Lastly, I asked her to put my membership on hold for 90 days so I could use my credits. I followed up with a visit to the cancel step listed by the OP, saw the $20 credit, and accepted it.

        I’m pretty satisfied with the overall result given that I ignored the account for so long.



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