February 2015

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I really like Audible – the downloadable audiobook store owned by Amazon.

We’ve been Gold members for many years, paying $15 (promotional rate) per month, which entitles us to one audiobook per month.

As it turns out, we don’t download one audio book per month. Audiobooks tend to be more occasional for us; we don’t think about them until we want one right now – like when we’re about to take a car trip.

This type of use case really works better with an ala carte system rather than a membership approach, but buying audiobooks ala carte is expensive (typically, a multiple of the $15 monthly fee).

So…we rationalized continuing to pay the membership fee (Well played, Audible. Well played).

This worked OK until we hit our limit of 6 credits. That is, Audible won’t let you carry more than 6 credits. So, you’re not gaining anything by keeping your membership after 6 months if you don’t use the credits. (Again, well played).

Overtly, you have two choices at this point: 1. Keep paying (and use some credits), 2. Cancel.

I didn’t really want to do either.

Happily, there’s a third option; though Audible doesn’t make it easy for you (see above re how well Audible plays).

How to put your Audible Account on hold

Rather than cancel (or keep paying), you can put your account on hold.

1. Go to your membership page

2. Go to account details

3. Hit cancel

4. They’ll try to get you to stay: If you give the reason for canceling that you can’t use the credits fast enough, Audible will give you a $20 credit

5. Hit cancel again

6. At this point you’ll be given the option to put your account on hold for 30, 60, or 90 days

Important: even if you do cancel (not put on hold), you won’t lose your audiobooks


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