Play vinyl with Sonos

Anyone who knows me knows that I love me some Sonos. We’ve got pretty much every product they’ve come up with in the house, and just can’t imagine living without it.

I recently decided that I wanted to add the ability to play vinyl into our arsenal (the kids are old enough so that they don’t seem too inclined to try to ride/draw on the turntable).

I’d been plotting my vinyl strategy out over the course of many years of insomnia-nights, and so when I finally decided to pull the trigger, it went very smoothly.

I’ve had in my possession an old Victrola that belonged to my parents for twenty years or so. It’s never functioned, but I’ve always loved the way it looks, and I have some good memories associated with it.


victrola logo



I’ve schlepped the thing from house to house. It’s big, heavy, and beautiful.


victrola closed


After much deliberation. I went with the Audio-Technica AT-LP120. It cost $250 on Amazon. What sealed the deal for me was that it has a built in phono pre-amp. Most amplifiers (including the Sonos Connect:Amp) don’t have phono pre-amps, and so you have to insert one between your turntable and your amp to get sound.

I knew that the space where the old, original turntable that had long vanished used to sit was roughly the size of current turntables, but it wasn’t until I laid my new turntable into it did I breath a sigh of relief (yes, of course, I measured, but…you know). The thing fits perfectly.




The AT-LP120 is certainly not a audiophile turntable (no turntable that includes its own pre-amp will fall into that category), but, as I was unsure how all of this was going to work, I really wanted to minimize the cash outlay and layers of complexity, and this turntable fits the bill. (I’m sure I’ll upgrade sooner rather than later, and it’ll likely be to one of the Pro-Ject turntables.)

The beautiful part is that because the phono pre-amp is built in, all you need to do to incorporate it into your Sonos system is plug it into the line in jacks on the Sonos Connect: Amp (the blue and red RCA cables below are coming in from the turntable).


sonos amp


Once plugged in, you just use the Sonos remote to label the new source. I chose to go old school:


sonos victrola


Like magic, not only are you now able to hear the turntable through the speakers that the Connect:Amp is powering, but you can push the sound to any other Sonos connected speakers. This means, I can be playing a record on my turntable (in the living room on the first floor), but push the sound to my daughter’s Sonos Play:1 in her room on the third floor. Awesome.

The Sonos Connect:Amp is a very clean amp, and I use it to drive a pair of B&W CM1s and a B&W sub. Not the height of audio fidelity, but in terms of the bang::buck ratio, this rates pretty high. I’ve had some pretty awesome audio experiences with this set up, and look forward to many more now that I’m rocking the vinyl.

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  1. Josh’s avatar

    Will the regular Sonos:Connect work with the AT-LP120, or just the Sonos:Connect AMP? I have a Sonos Playbar.



    1. George Howard’s avatar

      the playbar won’t work.

      i’ve heard – though haven’t verified it myself – that you can hook a turntable into a Play:5. But, the amp certainly works.



    2. Paul’s avatar

      What about a Pro-Ject turntable with a built-in amp. Could that product be connected to Sonos Amp…then have a Sonos Play 5 wireless?



      1. George Howard’s avatar

        i don’t see why not. the key is having the pre amp. thinking about upgrading to one of those, actually.



      2. Anthony Newstead’s avatar

        I have a Projekt debut turntable connected to a hifi system and Sonos connect unit.

        The turntable is connected to the arcam amp phono inputs and then I have the Tape Rec Out outputs on the amp connected to a Sonos Connect Line In.

        Now whenever I want to play vinyl through all my Sonos units I play the vinyl on the turntable in my basement and press in the Tape button on the amp (it treats the Connect as a tepe deck).

        On the Sonos app on my iPhone I then select Line In for the Sonos speakers I want to use and the vinyl sound comes through!


        1. George Howard’s avatar

          Anthony, thanks for adding this. That’s a cool implementation. I’ve been thinking of upgrading my AT to a Projekt; glad to know it’ll work.





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