Chasing the Thrill: Fleetwood Mac “Rumors” Vinyl

[The Chasing the Thrill posts chronicle my adventures in trying to capture that ephemeral moment when song and audio fidelity come together into a sound that makes me forget everything else. Mostly it will be my notes on the vinyl that I listen to, but may include some non-vinyl music moments as well. If you’re interested in the set up I use to listen on, here it is.]

Rumours is one of those records that falls squarely in the Reminiscence Bump-land for me. It’s one of the first records that I remember hearing as a young kid.


Rumors cover


It’s, of course, perfect.

Nothing much need be said about the recording, songs, etc. If you do want to delve deep into the making of the record/history of the band, I highly recommend Storms: My Life With Lindsey Buckingham and Fleetwood Mac.

I purchased the 33rpm vinyl version that was remastered in 2009. There’s quite a bit of discussion about the various vinyl releases. Without going to far into the details, the bottom line is that both the 45 rpm and the 33 rpm versions of Rumours were mastered from the original tapes by Steve Hoffman and Kevin Gray.

To my ears, this release is why one bothers with vinyl in the first place. The dynamic range is unreal. This is as close as you get to hearing what the band put on tape as you can get.

If I had only once chance to prove to someone that vinyl can not only sound far superior to CD, but that it can actually provide a different sensory experience, this (so far) is what I would play.


Rumours on the turntable


You can find the 33rpm version for about $25. The 45rpm version (which I haven’t heard, but sort of want to now) will run you $45. (I will not be linking to Amazon for purchase, because I find it impossible to determine what version of the vinyl you are purchasing from Amazon, and they jumble the customer reviews across format, which renders them useless.)

10 out of 10.

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