Are you hungry?

One of my favorite moments is when a good cook expectantly asks, “Are you hungry?”

You can tell from their face that they hope the response will be, “Why, yes, I am hungry.”

An affirmative response acts as an invitation for a cook to do what they do: attempt to satisfy another’s need with their talent/passion.

A meal is a success when both the cook and the person for whom she has cooked end the meal happy.

Looking at the empty plate, the satisfied cook smiles; looking at the cook, the satisfied eater smiles.

Both had completely different roles in this relationship, but both had their needs met, and they share at least one thing in common: both are smiling.

This is different from the clichéd “win/win” relationship; this is a relationship of individual values amplified by symbiosis.

These are the types of relationships we should look for in our work and in our life.


A recipe

The Sadly Neglected Soft Boiled Egg

We neglect the perfection of the soft-boiled egg for no good reason that I can discern. There’s no easier way to cook an egg, and, it results in a far more satisfying outcome than any alternative I can think off.

Here’s how to do it right:

With a spoon gently place two eggs into a just-simmering small pan of water for four minutes.

Take the eggs out and run them under cold water just long enough so that they’re cool enough to handle.

Place in an egg cup (or some reasonable facsimile (shot glass)) and, using a serrated knife (more narrow, the better), saw the top of the egg off (it’s easier than it sounds).

Add some salt and pepper.

Serve with good toast.

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