The Hard Stuff

I overheard my partner Sean (aka Mr. Daytrotter) saying to someone who asked who I was, “That’s George, my partner, he does the hard stuff.”

The interesting thing about this is that I’ve said the same thing about Sean. I truly believe that it’s Sean who does the hard stuff.

To me this is in important element of a partnership.

If both partners think they do the hard stuff, or, worse, if one thinks *they* do the hard stuff, and their partner does the easy stuff, it ain’t gonna work.

Almost as bad is when both do the same stuff, and neither can do certain things. At that point, why have a partner at all?

This is true in biz and in relationships. I know definitively that my wife does the hard stuff by being a stay-at-home Mom with a husband who travels as much as I do.

I also know that while she could do what I do better than I do it, that she knows that I too do some hard stuff that she would rather do less than what she is doing (being a rock star Mom).

Value alignment is what makes relationships and businesses work. Having your values in line doesn’t mean you are the same as the other person, but rather that you understand and value your partner; that you have empathy, and that you are not ego driven, but rather driven by what you’re building – be it a biz or a family.

[apologies for typos and other crimes against grammar/prose – this was written on my phone while sitting at a bar during SXSW.]

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