4Chan takes down the RIAA Websites – Protest in the Internet Age

I’m writing this at 2:05 central time. Five minutes into a DDoS (distributed denial-of-service attack) orchestrated by 4chan (in particular, /b/) against the RIAA.

Both RIAA.org and RIAA.com are both offline.

This in response to what 4chan members and supporters deem to be draconian practices of the RIAA; in particular, the organizations handling of the Pirate Bay.

4chan first turned their attention to Aiplex who, according to 4chan, was hired by the MPAA/RIAA to DDoS the Pirate Bay.

Here’s the note that followed the 4chan orchestrated take-down of Aiplex:

The targets that were migrated towards were the MPAA site, which was taken down for over twenty-four hours yesterday, and today’s take-down of both RIAA sites.

Welcome to protest in the Internet age.

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