The 9GS email group

I can’t describe how delighted I’ve been by the response to the – very subtle – mention of the 9GS email group.

Find out more, sign up, and see a sample: HERE.

It’s not just the number of people who have signed up, but – and this is so much more important – it’s who has signed up.

While I don’t know everyone, I’m thrilled to recognize names of subscribers coming in, and think, “These are exactly the people I want to have this type of rapport with. These are people I want to hang with and drink tequila.”

It’s got my wheels turning. I awoke this morning thinking, “When I have an idea for a project, etc., it’ll be the 9GS email group to whom I turn first; I can set up a poll, etc.” Then Henry – dressed in his “Robin” costume (don’t tell him it’s a leotard) – jumped on my mid section, and my attention was diverted.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to overwhelm anyone with polls. People seem to be responding very favorably to a quick, simple digest of links to articles and music of interest, and so that’s what’ll it’ll dominantly continue to be.

At the bottom of each email is a link to send me an email directly. I’d love feedback (good or bad). Also, if you know others who might dig it, pass it on, por favor.




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