I got my invite for about.me today, and set up my profile page.

You can (and should) get yours too. At the very least reserve your name, your band’s name, your business’ name, etc. It’s still pretty early, and you may be able to (as I did) get your own name.

I really like this service. Essentially, it provides you with a home page for the internet. What’s particularly compelling about it is the simplicity. Anyone who knows me knows I love minimal, simple design and UX. Well, about.me has this in spades: upload a photo, add a short bio, connect to your other online presences (FB, T, LinkedIn, your blog, etc.), add your email address, and you’re off to the races.

Given the pedigree of the founders, my sense is that about.me pages will begin indexing pretty high on google searches (remember, grab your name quick). Therefore, your about.me page could likely become your front-facing web presence.

I’m certain about.me will roll out additional features, but I also hope (and expect) they keep balancing this line of utility and minimalism.


Unrelated note: Astute readers of 9gs may have noted that I’ve added widget and page where you can sign up to the 9gs email group.

Thanks to those who have signed up so far, and I encourage others to do so. I have some plans for this group, but the initial purpose is to simply supply you with a VERY brief email update with links to articles and music that I think readers of this blog will enjoy. I like the digest form that email provides (as opposed to Twitter, which is sort of a running stream, and hard to grab).

I enjoy putting the emails together, and I hope you’ll see the value in them. If so, share it with others. If not, please unsubscribe. No hard feelings.


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