Inch by Inch: VRM can’t be stopped

I was at an interesting mobile presentation today.

I’m finding that increasingly, while they don’t yet know the terminology, many firms are increasingly thinking in terms of VRM.

To be sure, CRM continues to rule the day. There’s a zealous adherence to CRM, and it makes sense: it’s been related to KPIs forever.

What’s interesting is how VRM has sort of backed its way into the conversation (of course, when I’m in the room, it doesn’t exactly back its way into the conversation; it comes charging in).

Little subtle shifts in thinking about how customers interact with brands are driving this.

Consider, for example, a conversation from today’s session ostensibly on the topic of QR codes and AR. It led to an aside comment that went something along the lines of, “Customers are using these tools to feature and price shop; they scan a bar code, and then decide from which vendor to make the purchase.”


“We’re building a control panel that will allow users to opt in to the precisely offerings they want to receive from us.”

Not earth-shaking, I know, and in the scheme of some of the more high-level VRM conversations, this is child’s play.

However, children grow up.

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