Simple Meals are the Best

Long weekend with very little to show for it; though I’ve done nothing but work.

Salvaged it somehow by throwing a few things together for dinner for myself (M and the kids at a movie).

Boiled up a big ass pot of very salted water and cooked some shells.

While cooking, I toasted a few slices of day (really, two or three day) old bread, and put some good olive oil on it (I find it works better putting the evoo on after toasting/grilling the bread; reduces the chances of accidentally scorching the oil). Used a vegetable peeler to slice some Parm Reg over it.

Washed some really good local lettuce.

*Here’s the real take-away from this post*: Dressed it by putting a little bit of walnut oil in the palm of my hand and tossing the salad; then adding a little bit of decent vinegar to my hand and tossed again. Salt. Done. (This is by far the best way to make a dressing. I’m pretty sure it’s a Mark Bittman trick).

Shells done, I reserved a cup or so of the heavily-salted cooking water (important) and drained them.

Tossed them in a pan with a little butter, olive oil and one of those teeny little cans of tomato juice. Added some of the pasta cooking water.

Let it cook down for about 5 minutes. S&P, grated parm reg.


Lillet blond and soda to drink.

The weekend finished on a high note.

(Annabelle is currently eating the left-over shells.)

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