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I admit it; I have a problem. First thing in the morning, I check Google Analytics for various sites to get my little mini, daily report card. In this manner, I’d see the stats (visitors, unique visitors, time on site, bounce rate, referrers, etc.) from the prior day.

Well, this is fine and good, but what if you want to know what’s going on in real time?

There are a couple of solutions:

iPhone Solution
Should you have an iPhone (and, one would hope this will work on the iPad shortly as well), you can, for $6.99, get the fantastic AnalyticsPro app.

This app has quickly (sadly) become one of my most used apps on my iPhone.

Google Analytics
If you don’t have an iPhone/don’t want to spend $7 on an app, there is a way to get real time data from the source itself.

It took me some tinkering (and maybe everyone already knows how to do this), but here’s how you can see the stats in real time:

1. Log in to GA and pull up the site you want to review.
2. On the dashboard, click on the little triangle next to the date range (see below):

3. From the expanded date range (i.e. the calendar) click on the current date (see below; this screen grab was done on April 1, and thus that’s what I clicked):

4. Hit apply in the lower right hand corner of this date range box.
5. You’ll be greeted with a single dot on the time line showing a real-time visits number (mouse over the dot to see the number). All of the other stats (Site Usage, Visitors Overview, etc.) are also real-time numbers.

Now…if I can stop checking these stats every twenty minutes life will be good.

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