Iconic Design: Adidas’ “Rod Lavers”

Spring having fully sprung here in New Orleans, and it being a non-teaching day for me, I pulled out the Rod Lavers from the back of the closet where they’ve been hibernating since the Fall.

I’ve been wearing Rod Lavers for as long as I can remember (there was an unfortunate Air Jordan period in the early 80s). I loved them as a kid, and I love them even more as an adult.

Adidas introduced them in 1970, and hasn’t fooled with them much (I hear they’re going to do some slight redesign at some point soon; I’m hoping it won’t be much). Why would they; they’re perfect.

I kicked them off upon returning from work, and, looking at them there on the floor, I just sort of got captivated by their timeless, perfect design (yes, I’m a freak).

I think I may blog about other “things” that I think can be described as design icons.

I’d be curious what you think of as icons of design.

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