QR Codes and some marketing ideas

This is the QR (“quick response”) code I generated for the blog.

If you have a bar code (or QR) scanner on your phone, you can point it at the above image, and you’ll be directed to my blog.

As you’re already here, there’s no reason for you to do this, but imagine the possibilities this type of thing opens up.

Artists can quickly include a QR image on CD/vinyl packaging, on a PDF that comes with a download…heck, it could be the cover image for a DL itself.

Customers can then – just by pointing their phone at the image (or holding the object in front of their laptop’s camera) – be directed to whatever link the artist wants; perhaps a microsite where more information about the underlying product can be found; or to a twitter feed; or to a fb fan page; or to a link where a song could be downloaded…you get the idea.

Of course, retailers can (and should) be putting these QR images in their stores. Imagine, for example, if rather than sidling up to a restaurant’s in-window menu and perusing the fish choices, you could point your phone at the QR image, and immediately be taken to the restaurant’s Yelp page (or wherever…maybe a coupon that could be redeemed right then and there…that’d pull people in one would think).

Here’s a QR generator for you to make your own.

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