Sketch: 3/9/2010

I promised myself (New Year Resolution) to try and create stuff on a more regular basis. I feel I need to do this for a variety of reasons (most having to do with balance). This has so far manifested itself in the little instrumental songs I’ve been making and posting.

However, the above is a slightly different output. Another quick sketch, but, this time, a different medium.

Creating “stuff” is so important. It should not be laborious. It should FLOW.

The process should remove you from all of your other processes, and, therefore, allow you to return to them with a different perspective.

So far so good. Thanks for looking/listening.

FYI: The above was created using the astonishing Harmony tool. (It’s coded in HTML5, by the way – plays nice on iPhone; no Flash).


  1. passionstarmusic’s avatar

    Love this George! Love to see all of the wonderful artistic experiments you're up to.. enjoying Oscar right now! Love Ricardo Cabello's Harmony tool.. Cheers!


  2. Susan’s avatar

    For some reason that picture looks really soothing. I dont konw if its the symetry or the lack of any hard edges


  3. George Howard’s avatar

    Thanks a lot.





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