Sachuest Point

This is an older instrumental that’s been looking for a name for a long time. Since I’ve been inspired by Kristin Hersh’s, “Kristin With an Eye” images to connect my songs to her visuals (ala “Southern Waste”), I though it made sense to finally give it a name.

Here’s Kristin’s image that retroactively inspired the song:

And, here’s the song:

Sachuest Point

It was written many moons ago upstairs in the little make-shift studio I put together above the Ryko offices in Gloucester. I’d disappear on occasion, when the business overtook the art, to try and remember what pulled me into this business in the first place.

The sort of drone-y under current in the song is a dulcimer. While sort of thought of as the autoharp’s less cool cousin, dulcimers are actually pretty happening. Have a listen, for instance, to this:

“Everybody hit the ground,” indeed.

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  1. George Howard’s avatar

    Thanks, man. I can't really articulate what your support means, but it means
    a lot.


  2. fattypneumonia’s avatar

    Let me be the first (of what will presumably be many KH Twitter followers to come) to say: That was beautiful. Thank you.


  3. johnglover’s avatar

    What a truly beautiful song. thank you for sharing.


  4. homesicklibrarian’s avatar

    i like to make pictures up in my head when i listen to songs, but it makes a change to be given a picture to go with a song. and they do, they go really well together i think. thank you


  5. George Howard’s avatar

    I completely agree with you about being able to let the music create
    specific, individual imagery (it's one of the many reasons I've never liked
    music videos, for the most part). There's something about Kristin's photos
    (as there is with all of her work) that inspires me, however. I look at
    them, and they are evocative on a variety of levels, and they push me to do
    better work.

    Thank you for your comment.



  6. jefito’s avatar

    Just being honest. I'd love to have a compilation of a dozen of your instrumentals. This is music I'd like waking up to.


  7. George Howard’s avatar

    once i have enough of 'em I'll put it together.

    Thank you!



  8. Liam’s avatar

    This is lovely – thank you so much for sharing it.



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