Just What Time it Is

We inch closer. Something’s going on, and it’s starting to emerge. I’ve been prattling on about it for eons, but we’re starting – just starting – to see a big important shift in the music business that will move us closer to a workable system.


Yeah: labels, content holders, etc. are starting to realize that it makes sense to sell their content from everywhere, rather than limit it to a few online retailers (iTunes, Amazonmp3, etc.).

This is spurred on somewhat by the ability to reduce transaction costs.

More, however, by a growing psychological understanding (finally) of how the Internet works.

Smart ones are (finally) realizing, you can’t create a community; they already exist. All you can do is identify them, and put your crap in front of them, and then – in the words of this dude – provide elegant organization.

All of a sudden, those who have given people a reason to show up — because they’re a trusted source/a filter — become real powerful.

Not there (quite) yet, but soon come.

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    I agree to the extent that online communities, especially one's that are about popular things, are plentiful and developing new one without unlimited resources to very difficult, if not impossible. I also agree with adding your own content to existing communities, but I would just add that identifying sub-markets within markets is a way you can create new online communities by spinning off related, smaller markets.


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