Now that’s some praise: The New Yorker on Neko Case

Sasha Frere-Jones, reviewing Neko Case’s exceptional new album in the New
Yorker, references albums that…well…I can’t bring myself to do the
Facebook 25 album thing, but these would be there if I could.
Not sure I could yet put Ms. Case’s new work on this (for me) imaginary list
just yet, however. One of the things that makes the albums Mr. Frere-Jones selects so unique
isn’t only that they’re “…perfectly formed…steeped in a love of older
music and newer sounds, with self-indulgences held in check by a quick
pulse,” (though they most certainly are, and this type of writing is why Mr.
Frere-Jones rightfully has the New Yorker gig). No, it’s also the
durability of these records.
While I sense that Middle Cyclone is one for the long-haul ‹ and, equally
importantly, certainly, Ms. Case has already proven she’s one for the long
haul ‹ I can’t quite contextualize it yet.
Sure will be fun doing so.

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