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I’m going to say this (in ital.) at the top and bottom; just so there’s no confusion:

I write all this not as some sort of self-congratulatory wank, but rather to document a plan that has worked. I implore you, therefore, to, in the words of Abbie Hoffman, “Steal This Plan.” It will work for you whether you’re a band, a label, a restaurant, etc.

Over the past three months or so we’ve been working on leveraging social media to create more awareness of Artists House.

Late fall: I corral three of my very fine students, Andrew Goodrich, Brett Cooper, and Evan Stoudt, and we make up a plan:

1. Set up a blog
2. Set up a Twitter account
4. Create a Facebook group

Then we set some milestones to accomplish prior to our regularly scheduled weekly meetings: Get 30 people following us on Twitter; Get 30 friends on FB; write 3 blog posts.

Importantly, while these numbers were arbitrarily chosen, they were participatively set; we all agreed on them.

The goal, of course, was to use these social media tools to create awareness and traffic for the main Site.

Before connecting the dots of the social media elements back to the main Site, however, I determined we needed to achieve critical mass with the social media itself.

We worked from November until January doing just that.

Once we cracked 2k followers on Twitter (we’re now at 3k, and I gotta shout out Andrew’s work on this; amazing), and 500 friends on FB (we’re now nearing 700), it was clear we had built a Tribe, and it was time to start linking the Tribe back to the main Site.

The first effort to do this occurred about two weeks ago when we held our first UStream live chat. Don’t look for it; you won’t find it. It was a mess. We had audio/video/chat problems. It was also thrilling and one of the most exhilarating things I’ve been a part of…well…ever.

It was clear, even from this fumbling first attempt, that we had a community. People who heretofore had only been “followers” or “friends” were now interacting (in real time) with us. It was a conversation.

Needless to say (as it’s sort of my hang up) after the first UStream experience, we set some goals for the next one: get rid of the technical problems, and try to get 100 people to tune in (30 more than those who turned in to the first one).

Below is the second UStream conversation. We did indeed hit the 100 people mark, we did clear out most of the tech problems, and – once again – it was a wildly exhilarating experience of connecting with the Tribe.

Clearly, there’s a lot of room for improvement, but I’m darn proud of what we’ve done.

Equally importantly, these UStream broadcasts are materially impacting on the traffic to the main Artists House Site; the Wednesdays on which the broadcasts take place are the highest traffic days of the week. Additionally, the overall trend for traffic is up on a day-to-day basis.

It’s important to note that had it not been for the effort put in to develop a robust Twitter and FB presence, the UStream broadcasts would have been worthless, and there would have been no impact on the main Site whatsoever.

There are certainly more things we will do to leverage SM to create traffic/awareness for the main Site. The thing is that we now cando these things.

SM is great, but it must be tied to objectives and metrics, and it must all tie together. A Twitter account unconnected to a Site/FB account, etc. is a one-legged mule.

I write all this not as some sort of self-congratulatory wank, but rather to document a plan that has worked. I implore you, therefore, to, in the words of Abbie Hoffman, “Steal This Plan.” It will work for you whether you’re a band, a label, a restaurant, etc.

I only ask that if you steal this plan to remember, markets are conversations; find your voice. This takes time, but it’s worth it.

To wit, a conversation with our Tribe (who I couldn’t love any more):

Find more videos like this on ArtistsHouse Music Community

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  1. David Everitt-Carlson’s avatar

    Okay. So how many page views and unique visitors do you get to the blog each day? That's the goal right? ustream doesn't count as an end result. Abby Hoffman's book caused an uprising – a masterful title which undermined the establishment in so many ways. Did all those Twits and Faces convert?


  2. George Howard’s avatar


    Thanks for your comment. The goal is to build a community; traffic is a way (one way) of measuring the success of the goal. The goal is to build awareness of the main site, Artists House (, the blog, etc. is a tool to do that. This is why we embed the UStream chats on the main site.

    Thanks again.



  3. Brett Cooper’s avatar

    Hey Boss – Not to be a pedantic reader, but I noticed you've linked me to Andrew's Tumblr. In case anybody is interested, my personal blog can be found at, and my other media + culture project can be found at


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