From the Stacks: Sam Phillips

I haven’t done one of the From the Stacks posts in a while; haven’t been that inspired by much. Happily, I pulled the amazing Martinis & Bikinis record from an old hard drive into my excellent AppleTV streaming set up (basically, the AppleTV acting as a server).

It’s such an extraordinary record, and Ms. Phillips is truly a great artist: wonderful voice, inventive (but not overly “clever”) arrangements, evocative lyrics.

She has a wealth of fine records in her catalog, but Martinis & Bikinis is the one I always recommend to people who are wondering where to start.

If forced, I suppose, I’d pick the elegiac “Strawberry Road” as the song to listen to first. Here ya go:


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  1. LyricalVenus’s avatar

    Oooh, wow, what a cool voice! Thanks for that preview!



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