Quicksilver gets Google-ized

It’s no secret that my all-time favorite app is Quicksilver. Try as I might, however, I just can’t convert that many people to see the light of its genius.

Happily, Google is now assisting me in my evangelical efforts. They’ve recently introduced Google Search Box

Wisely, Google Search Box (GSB) is a dumbed-down version of Quicksilver; it’s dead simple to try (unlike QS). Basically, after downloading the app, you hit the command key twice and a search box pops up. Type in what you want and you’re off to the races. Many people, I’m sure, will simply use it as a short cut to search Google without having to pull up a browser window, etc.

There’s more to it than just Google search, however. For instance, try typing in a name of someone in your address book. You’ll see a drop down of all the people with this name, and their contact information.

You can customize precisely what will be searched via the preferences.

While QS allows for pretty much infinite customization, for those who don’t want to bother with the complexities of QS, GSB will prove a nice alternative.

I do, however, expect that GSB will continue to evolve and, more and more, resemble QS. Why, you ask. Well, because the great Alcor, the developer of QS, just happens to also work for Google, and is the developer of GSB. Good times.

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