testing the new Yahoo audio player

Read about the availability of this audio plug in on @iancr’s Fistfulayen blog.

Clearly, this is the player Delicious (oddly frustrated that they don’t still make me spell it del.icio.us) is using for mp3s (of course, Yahoo owns Delicious).

Decided to try it out here on 9GS.

Decide yourself:

David Crosby “Laughing”

I like the way it stays static while you scroll. I also like the ability to add in your Amazon Affiliate ID. I don’t like the Yahoo branding, or the inability to change the color scheme. Perhaps it’s possible to lose the branding and change colors; I haven’t dug too deep.

This page has some helpful hints on usage. One important note (for WP users, at least), if you want to add the album art to the player without the album art showing up in the main post, as I’ve done below, make sure not to surround the words display none in quotes as the instructions tell you to. The correct html is:

I’ll fool around with other elements when I’m not so damnably tired (in like two weeks).

If you’d like to try it on your blog, get it HERE.

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