REM Encore

REM recently wrapped up their unbelievably great tour. I was lucky enough to see them a few times. Mind blowing.

As sort of a parting gift, REMHQ has posted a video of the truly unbelievable encore from the last show of the tour.

The encore includes some of their finest work: I Believe, Country Feedback, and (one of my all-time favorite REM songs) Life and How to Live it.

If anyone doubts my assertion that Peter Buck is one of the finest, most inventive and lyrical guitar players of our (or any) time please do pay attention to the solo during Country Feedback.

On another note, I can’t encourage you enough to order the Deluxe version of Murmur.

Whether you’re a fanatic, on the fence, or new to REM you sort of have to have this. Not only is Murmur one of the greatest records ever made, and even more haunting now in its remastered form, but the package also includes a seminal REM boots, which – among others – has a great version of Harborcoat. Harborcoat went on to be the first song on the follow up to Murmur, Reckoning. Can’t wait for that reissue.

They’re REM and this is what they do:



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