Hints on success

I love that people (smart people) are analyzing why success occurs, and are
coming to the conclusion that one of the main factors is working fucking

My $.02: For whatever you elect to focus on, outwork the others – always.
Work when they’re not; work when you don’t want to.

Never. Ever. Stop. If as, Gladwell says, 10k hours is the key then get their first…then put
another 10k in.

What’s the alternative?

Via Daring Fireball.

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    This is what was recently posted in the Lefsetz Letter. Seemed to pertain to this topic!

    “Sure, I want my body to move. But I want to stretch my mind too. There’s nothing wrong with thinking. Everybody wants to be rich, but no one wants to do the work.(<–SO TRUE)

    That’s what Gladwell says. You’ve got to put in 10,000 hours of practice.”

    -via Lefsetz Letter


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    hey george, Ryan from the summer pub 101– i'm totally with you. The 10,000 hr theory has been a sticky on my desktop for over a year now– i came across it on a web search some 2 years ago– and i just wrote my brother a couple months ago saying, 'hey let's log our Quality hours of practice, assuming all the uncountable hrs previous– let's start afresh and get to 10,000 as of today. I have a great friend who's made a living all his life with his fantastic piano-playing and he's always saying how any gig he does he goes into as 'the practice for the practice'– and i love that because it's always looking ahead and anticipating, but frees the nerves maybe too to experience the present. you never arrive, yer focused on arriving. always in process.



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