Facebook continues to do The Straddle

In my post The Straddle, I compared MySpace and Facebook:

Facebook works because it allows you to enhance and augment your offline experiences. You post photos of things you do with your friends; you write on each others’ walls regarding offline experiences.

MySpace is more of (and I use this word in the loosest possible manner) a portfolio (or, what I really believe it’s become, for bands at least: a demo). MySpace has nothing to do with your offline life; it’s only related to your online life, and, thus, falls short.

Well, a new Facebook app takes this offline/onlne connection one step further. Market Watch reports:

…a new Facebook application that gives users the ability to send real drinks to friends for $1, today announced their official, exclusive launch in Arizona. The BarTab service turns Facebook virtual drink icons into real drinks, redeemable by cell phone (electronic coupon) at participating bars in Arizona. To date, more than 100 bars have agreed to participate in the program with many more lined up statewide. BarTab will host a kick-off party this Thursday at 8:00 pm at Scottsdale’s Salty Senorita, where guests will be able to demo the new application live.

Note what’s going on here: Not only does this app allow Facebook users to further marry their online life with their offline life (i.e. The Straddle), it also allows these bars in Arizona to do The Straddle. That is, you gotta imagine that they’ll encourage patrons to take pictures of their time at the bar and post them to a FB/Flickr group. This encourages those who post their photos to share them with their friends by directing them to the bar’s FB/Flickr/blog where the photos are housed. Basically, the patrons are doing the marketing for the bar.

Get me to Arizona!

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  1. Andrew Goodrich’s avatar

    That is the most exciting idea I've ever heard.

    And beats virtual drinks – they tend to taste like a series of tubes.


  2. busby_seo_test’s avatar

    This article is very interesting and is full of important information. Thank you for the author of this site and article.God bless you!



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