A Real Estate Agent is doing The Straddle

I noticed the other day that I was being followed on Twitter by @Hankbailey, whose profile describes him as an Associate Broker at Keller Williams, an Athens, GA real estate firm.

This was significant, because in my piece entitled The Straddle, I wrote the following:

If you’re a real estate agent, why would you not be tweeting up a storm, Facebook-ing up a storm, blogging up a storm, so that when you have an open-house for one of your listings you can connect with your online constituency in an offline manner.

I’m delighted to see that someone out there is doing it. As I wrote with regards to a restaurant doing The Straddle, I’m under no delusion that I had any role in this (likely Mr. Bailey was tweeting long before I wrote my blog post).

The consequence of this, you ask? Well, should I ever be so fortunate to be looking for a home in Athens, GA, who do you think I’m going to call?

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  1. Marshall’s avatar

    Hi…since I live in Athens, I was interested in your comment. Don't know the broker in question by you point is very valid. I am not a real estate agent, but have other local business interests. All of a sudden twitter is making more sense to me.


  2. Melbourne Apartments’s avatar

    Hi… that was great stuff.. I really like reading on this subject Could you tell me more on that… I love to explore


  3. Furnished Apartments’s avatar

    It happened with me also and I just hate it, thanks for sharing your experience with us


  4. Melbourne Apartments’s avatar

    Hi..thanks for the information… loved it simply Oh man! What an amazing thing to say


  5. real estate license’s avatar

    I had to go and read your other post, to find out what the heck a straddle was, haha, I thought it was a dance or something. Very clever though.

    Anyhow, there are actually quite a lot of real estate agents using these web 2.0 services now, or doing the straddle, and incorporating their offline business with an online presence. It seems to be working really well for those that are able to grab hold of the idea. I have been running online businesses for a number of years now, and tend to be more online than off, but I am working on that!


  6. Home Addition Contractor’s avatar

    it's prohibitively difficult, and you won't be able to do it in an efficient manner. it's one of the myths of the tech: that because we're all able to function in a virtual manner, we can function at our highest level in a virtual manner – this is wrong. email is not an adequate substitute for face to face conversation any more than a youtube video of a live performance is a substitute for an actual live performance.


  7. Real Estate Internet Marketing’s avatar

    Social Media networks had been very useful in advertising, well most online entrepreneurs are using this sites now a days for they don't have to spend money on advertising all they have to do is interact with people using this social media sites


  8. Zementfliesenboden’s avatar

    Hi…Your post really got me thinking man….. an intelligent piece ,I must say.


  9. real estate license’s avatar

    social media is very useful marketing for salesperson who need to interconnect with their clients and all that. I also got my real estate license and expected doing something like that too.



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