All the Billies

One of my very fine students, Matt Bodie, has started a blog that looks like a keeper.

It’s called All the Billies: The Honky Tonk Happy Hour, and from the initial batch of posts, it’s definitely one for the RSS.

Right on, Matt! Way to find a unique niche that you’re passionate about. Hard to do, but when you find this it comes across as so honest and great, and makes for very fine reading.


  1. denver real estate’s avatar

    It is amazing that you post your blog on the subject of your student. It is really great. I like it.


  2. Houston real estate’s avatar

    Great Job Matt. It is difficult to find a good niche that you can be very passionate about.


  3. Susan’s avatar

    Going after a niche with a blog is the best way to go. It looks like he was posting somewhat frequently but recently it looks like the posts have dropped off. You might encourage him to keep up with it.



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