Pop Candy does “The Straddle”

Pop Candy is one of my favorite pop culture blogs. It’s written by Whitney Matheson, who has shown much love to Daytrotter and REM; what’s not to like?

One of the reasons that Pop Candy is so successful is that Ms. Matheson is expert at The Straddle. You can read about The Straddle HERE, but, in a nutshell, it’s about the importance of creating connections between your online and offline activities.

Pop Candy frequently asks readers to submit photos of themselves for various themes. Logically, Halloween is a good excuse for this type of Straddle, and Ms. Matheson makes the most of it.

It’s important to understand what’s going on here. By soliciting photos from her readers, and — and this is the important part — posting what she receives on her blog and commenting about them, she not only solidifies the connection between herself and her readers, but also gains new readers.

This occurs because anyone whose pictures are selected by Ms. Matheson is, no doubt, going to send the link to ALL of their friends, and direct them to Pop Candy. Logically, those referred are not only going to view the blog, but they are also going to be predisposed to become readers of the blog themselves.

Remember, as Mark Earls
says, “I can’t make anyone do anything. They do what they do because of their peers.”

This is very important to remember. Ms. Matheson can’t convince people to read her blog. All she can do is consistent good work, and attempt to give her Tribe the tools to spread the word. The tools in this case are the photos. They are the definition of social objects.

Importantly, these particular social objects represent The Straddle; they link the offline world of Pop Candy’s readers with their online presence on the blog.

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