The Artist’s Dilemma…and a Way Forward

So, it’s time to start letting the cat out of the bag. My new book will be about: how the landscape for artists has changed, how this has affected their creative output, and how to best move forward in a manner that doesn’t cripple their creativity (their core competency).

The working title of the book is, The Artist’s Dilemma…and a Way Forward.

I will likely not begin in earnest on the book until early next year, but I wanted to share the concept and the general premise.

I’ve created a little slideshow that sort of sums it up (by the way, that funky ass font wasn’t the one of my choosing; something happened in the conversion from Keynote to PPT to SlideShare). It’s best viewed in full-screen mode. Click the little movie screen icon in the bottom right of the viewer to enter full screen):

Obviously, this is the most general of outlines, but it does address the issues.

I couldn’t be more excited about diving in.

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  1. tanya Braganti’s avatar

    awesome! almost seems over my head which isn't a good sign. but when i have the book in hand i will also… dive in.


  2. Heather’s avatar

    looking forward to watching it unfold!


  3. Eric Stone’s avatar

    very much looking forward to the book. as you taught three, i believe, of my eight courses while attending berklee, you have certainly made an impact.

    can't wait to read the book, and see what happens.



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