Gary Vaynerchuk Keynote

I’m sorry for the paucity of blog posts of original content this week; it’s just been crazy, and I’m still sort of recovering from racing to Chi on Sat for a quick Daytrotter meeting, and then back to New Orleans on Sunday for a fantastic REM show.

I Twittered my comments during the REM show, and you can read my thoughts: Here. I think it was pretty much just myself and @remroaddog who were tweeting, so you’ll pretty easily be able to figure out which were mine.

It was a great show – “7 Chinese Bros.,” “Driver 8,” “West of Fields” – and definitely affirmed what I wrote in The Straddle, with respect to the importance of connecting your offline activities to your online activities (nice that the idea/term is getting out there a bit).

In The Straddle, I also mentioned Gary Vaynerchuk as an exemplar of marrying online and offline efforts.

HubSpot has a great piece on Mr. Vaynerchuk; summarizing his recent MarketingProfs Digital Marketing Mixer Keynote address, and mentioning such highlights as this one, which should resonate with 9GS readers:

Social media are just tools to help you engage with your community. They don’t make the difference, you make the difference. Use the tools to interact with your community. Word of mouth is incredible for building your brand, and social media amplifies your WOM reach.

Here is the audio from Mr. Vaynerchuk’s keynote:

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