Masters of the biz

John Snyder, Peter Lubin, and Don Van Cleave, are three of my favorite people, and certainly some of the smartest people in the music business.

Here they are all featured in this clip from Artists House Music:

[disclosure: I’m the executive editor for Artists House]

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  1. Marie-The Snake Charmers’s avatar

    First, thanks to GAH950 on Twitter for alerting me to this interview.

    As a musician, this reinforces the idea I’ve had for a long time that you have to do what you do and hope that it resonates with the audience, regardless of what appeals to music industry insiders.

    It’s a lesson I wish I’d learned much earlier in my career.


  2. alexandra’s avatar

    This may have been the best forum for the 3 years I was at Loyola. Thanks for re-posting this…to remind me how good it was. Very eye opening.


  3. Matt Bodie’s avatar

    Don always tells it like it is and I have so much respect for him. More forums should be like this one and the one that you did with the sound exchange guy.



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