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One of my all-time greatest musical moments was seeing the Residents perform their genius The King and Eye record at the Berklee Performance Center (in an odd twist, about 10 years later, I ended up running the label that re-issued the early Residents records – proud moment).

I was reminded of the great, under appreciated Residents upon viewing the new TV on the Radio video for “Dancing Choose”:

Compare its awesomeness with The Residents’ awesomeness:

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This amazing piece (combining talk of Web2.0 and Whitman) from Doc Searls articulates so much of my thinking and what I’ve been trying to communicate to those with whom I work.

Some salient quotes:

The Live Web isn’t just built. It grows, adapts and changes. It’s an environment where we text and post and author and update and tweet and syndicate and subscribe and notify and feed and — and yell and fart and say wise things and set off alarms and keep each other scared, safe or both. It’s verbs to the Static Web’s nouns. It is, in a biological word that has since gone technical, generative.

If you want to participate in the Live Web, you can’t just act like it. You have to jump in and do it. Here’s the most important thing I’ve noticed so far: it’s not just about competition. It’s about support and cooperation. Even political and business enemies help each other out by keeping each other informed. There may be pay-offs in scarcity plays, but the bigger ones emerge when intelligence and good information are shared, right now. And archived where they can be found again later. All that old stuff is still nourishment.

This sums it up:

I think Live vs. Static is a much more useful distinction than versions. (Web 1.0, 2.0, etc.)

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