Venn diagram of artists to work with

With mad props to Indexed, I decided to create my own Venn diagram articulating the nexus that must come together for an artist to succeed over the long term.

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  1. Rich Holtzman’s avatar

    I think your red circle and your blue circle could be the same thing. I think what your missing is desire to work and be productive as if this were their job.


  2. George’s avatar


    I see your point about the similarity between the red and blue circles, though I will say there are certainly things that stand the test of time that don’t impact the culture in a positive way. How else to explain multiple seasons of Two and a Half Men (and virtually all other TV)?

    Similarly, there are TONS of things that impact the culture in a positive way, but only do so momentarily, before – for whatever reason – fading out in a short period of time.

    With regards to lacking a circle to only work with artists who “desire to work and be productive as if this were their job,” the ROI element, to my mind, speaks to this. Why would an investor (be they manager, label, entrepreneur) invest in someone whose work ethic would result in negative ROI?

    I (and remember, this chart shows artists who I will work with; it’s not meant to show all the essential qualities an artist “should” have) would not invest my time/money in an artist whom does not have the desire to work and be productive…doing so would axiomatically not satisfy the green ROI circle.

    All that said, I appreciate your points, and it’s great to sort of flesh the circles out as you have.





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