Punk Rock Buddhism

I’ve written about Zen practice and its relationship with productivity and creativity on occasion here at 9GS.

I’m delighted, therefore, to see the connection being made by others.

Specifically, the N.P.R. music site has an article on Buddhism and the Zen of Punk Rock. Brad Warner, formerly of Zero Defex, has written two books exploring the linkage between punk rock and Buddhism.

Additionally, Noah Levine, has written a book called Dharma Punx.

It makes a lot of sense, this linkage, Buddhism is (sort of, in a very reductive way) about internal and external responsibility. Certainly, the true punks, such as, for example, Ian MacKaye, and the movement he unwittingly and reluctantly (as a true Buddhist would) founded represents this. And, of course, there’s the whole: “our rule is no rule” thing, which sort of (sort of) brings Buddhism and anarchy together.

Love this quote from Levine:

“Here in meditation, we say, ‘Stop thinking, pay attention to the breath.’ And your mind says, ‘F*** you. I will do whatever I want,'” says Levine. “We begin to understand that it is inner anarchy.”

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