One of my students is making good

Kelvin Brown is leveraging the tech, and building a community. He’s a hip hop producer down here in New Orleans, and really does have the goods.

As important as having the goods is, what makes what Kelvin is doing most impressive is the fact that he’s not waiting around for others to do the work for him. He was in my office the other day, and showed me his web site. I asked him who built this for him, and he said, “I did.” I had to ask him three times to be clear. While his site, The Cincinnati Monster, is in its nascent stages, it shows the power that comes from figuring out how to get into the game rather than waiting around for the game to come to you.

Today an article on Kelvin ran in the Times-Picayune. It again reiterates the importance of finding a way to get in the game. In this case, Kelvin leveraged TuneCore to get his material up on the various electronic retail sites. As the Picayune reports:

So far, off that first album, Brown said he has sold 7,633 songs, 62 full albums and had 1,934 songs streamed online — and he has made a profit of $5,877.

Again, while these numbers aren’t mind blowing, they’re darn impressive. There are an awful lot of artists who never sell anywhere near 7k songs. You know what, these numbers are mind blowing. Kelvin is succeeding because he’s got talent, and he’s not waiting around for some manager or label or whatever to get him out there.

During our meeting on Friday, I suggested to Kelvin that he should begin Twittering. About twenty minutes after our meeting I get an invite to follow Kelvin’s Twitter feed. You just don’t see artists being both fluent in the tech and with follow-through.

Of course, Kelvin has a long way to go. He’s got to find a way to get in front of people, and as a producer this is a bit tricky. I suggested he make available some of his beats for people who come to the site to download, and then submit versions of them MC’ing over the tracks, and then invite the best one(s) down to New Orleans and have an event. I suggested he throw parties where he spins, and make sure to get the party attendees involved by having them photograph and videotape the proceedings, and post those photos to Kelvin’s Flickr photostream and his YouTube channel. I suggested that he darn well better be collecting emails on his site. Etc.

All of those things will help him build the community and allow him to be that much more effective with re leveraging the tech. It’s always tech being an accelerator, never tech alone.

Great job, Kelvin!

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