Startup Studio

Those interested in entrepreneurship (and if you’re not, why are you here?) should check out, Startup Studio.

As the “about” explains:

[Startup Studio is] a podcast that spotlights the challenges and successes of entrepreneurs. StartupStudio inspires audiences by showcasing examples of people who once lived ordinary lives and went on to create something extraordinary from the businesses or organizations they created from scratch.

I’m fascinated by the fact that of all the incredible entrepreneurs on the Site, according to their sidebar ratings, the interview with Embrace Pet Insurance co-founder, Laura Bennett, is the most popular.

Lots of great interviews to explore.

[Update, Ms. Flanagan posted a nice comment recommending the following podcasts from her site: “…my personal favorite podcasts are Coinstar, Tazo, and Southwest.”]

It’s worth mentioning how I came upon Startup Studio. I got an email notice that Startup Studio founder, Betsy Flanagan, had begun following my Twitter Feed. I typically don’t have a second to click through these emails, but I had a breather from work just as this one came in, and….viola, I’m blogging about her venture.

If you’re not fluent and comfortable with Twitter at this point, you really need to be. It’s far more than some sort of narcissistic exercise in constant activity monitoring. Frankly, its ramifications are just beginning to emerge. Get in now. Use it. Understand it. Leverage it to spread your message.

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  1. Betsy Flanagan’s avatar

    Thank you George! I really appreciate the plug. I will definitely put it in my gratitude journal. I actually do keep one so it’s an interesting coincidence you wrote about that today as well. A couple coaches suggested the gratitude journal and I find writing the positive things down increases the frequency and flow of more positive things. Anyway, great blog you have here and I’m glad I found you Twitter! ~Betsy

    PS Some of my personal favorite podcasts are Coinstar, Tazo, and Southwest. I welcome all feedback and suggestions for interviewees.



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