Carrie Brownstein on Nick Cave

Not sure how I’ve managed to be unaware of ex-Sleater-Kinney guitarist/vocalist, Carrie Brownstein’s blog, Monitor Mix. Suffice it to say, it’s going in the RSS reader.

She recently wrote a great post about her experience at a Nick Cave show.

I love her writing. Ya know, the whole “dancing about architecture shit” can be disproved. To wit:

I love being a new witness. A convert. Sometimes, I want music to knock me down so hard that it’s a struggle to stand up again. The best music, and especially some of my favorite live moments, are like this — so forceful that I need to regain my balance. Yes, it’s unnerving to be caught off-guard by a sound — for it to unsettle as oppose to soothe. But it’s not a bad thing, on occasion, to have music cause you to lose your footing. By the end of the Nick Cave show, it felt like I’d fallen hard.

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