The Narrative: Bon Iver via John Prine

I’m sort of consumed by the idea of the narrative in music. That is, it’s all connected, but these connections aren’t necessarily obvious. In fact, the best moments in musical discovery (as in most things) are sort of the aha moments when you become aware of a connection that doesn’t seem obvious, but, upon a second look, makes all the sense in the world.

Such is the moment I had during my recent ill-fated experiment with MySpace Music (see my Twitter feed for my list of gripes), before I could take it no more and fled MySpace music.

In this video, Bon Iver’s frontman, Justin Vernon, discusses his influences:

Bon Iver on the inspiration behind his music

Of course, he’s influenced by the great John Prine. And yet, I wouldn’t have immediately come to that recollection.

However, once he mentioned it, it became clear. To wit:

And here’s Bon Iver’s “Flume” from their staggering Daytrotter session:

The narrative grows.

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