blogtailing beginning to emerge in a meaningful way

This article in today’s NYT discusses the proliferation of APIs being made available from unsuspecting (i.e. non Web 2.0) retailers such as: Best Buy, MTV, and the NYT.

The article states:

That might not sound hugely significant, but on a mass scale – with every company on the Web now rushing to unlock their content and make an A.P.I. available – even niche sites are set to become professional and satisfyingly comprehensive.

They are, of course, completely missing the point! Jackasses. The issue is not about being “satisfyingly comprehensive,” it’s about how niche sites will soon be vendors for these larger companies. The NYT never fails to frustrate me with their business “coverage.” You think Best Buy hasn’t figured this out, really? Sigh.

Anyway, this all relates to what I wrote about recently, and have been obsessed with forever, the idea of the blogger as retailer. Hence: blogtailing.

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