WordPress tip: finding category numbers

I’m not sure why the new versions (post 2.5) of WordPress make it so difficult to find the numbers that are associated with your categories. In prior versions, they were right there in manage/categories.

To find them now, you still go to manage/categories, but now you have to mouse over the category title and then look for its url at the bottom of the screen.

Here’s a screengrab attempting to illustrate this.

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  1. Garrett’s avatar

    Thanks man, helps a lot.


  2. Инструменты SEO’s avatar

    Thanks for the great tip man! I was trying to find those numbers for a while but now I will know how to do that. Moving this post to bookmarks.


  3. web development Rochester’s avatar

    this is why I can't find it anymore after wordpress has upgraded, I really felt stupid about this one before LOL.


  4. eddiepetosa’s avatar

    In our rush to optimize everything we might have missed out one some things. Not every single thing needs to be modified. Some should be left alone as they were fine. I'm looking at my email, for instance, it has changed for the second time this year and I don't understand why. WordPress was pretty simple at the beginning and with a bit of programming skills everyone could do anything. Now it's complicated, with all sort of add-ons and themes. Another example would be trying to configure all sort of new hardware. Two years ago I configured my very first dedicated server. Now it takes me twice as long and I have to go through all sort of useless forms and options to do the same thing. Less is more.


  5. Free Football Picks’s avatar

    Yeah, this is actually pretty helpful. I've had several projects where wordpress was only a small piece but I needed to integrate either comments, recent posts, or something similar throughout the rest of the non wordpress powered site. It became a huge headache finding IDs especially after messing with the permalinks. Status Bars for the win! 🙂 Great post.



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